A letter to President Donald Trump, warning about his demise

Dear Mr. President Donald Trump Congratulations to your inauguration as the 45th president of the United States of America! Since June 2014, I have been following your steps psychically to this moment. Already on June 6, 2014, doing a psychic profile of the future US President I saw your aura and soul becoming the successor of president Barak Obama. During the campaign and especially after you won the nomination of the Republican Party, I knew and published that you would also win the election after a very tough campaign. Hillary Clinton never had a chance to become president! Your aura presented you as the winner since 2014. There was no doubt about it, even when Hillary Clinton was ahead

Forecast for Trump's Presidency

Vision (Trailer about prediction to Trump's election, Read prediction about Trump's victory) Donald Trump is going to add power and influence to the US presidency. Trump’s legacy will be strengthening the power structure of the country and at the same time extending control over the population. He will greatly influence the courts and reorient the law. Trump will start to fight the “enemy” from within, at the same time the US is loosening its control across the globe. The political mid-term orientation of Trump’s administration is seeing the enemy more within the country and not only abroad. Within the first two years of his term, Trump will face severe difficulties. He will have to yield po