Prophecies for Trump! Did Stephen Bannon point towards one of my prophecies for president Donald J.

One of my prophecy for president Trump says: "Within the first two years of his term, Trump will face severe difficulties. He will have to yield power internally. This does not mean that the administration will change, but that he will have to share power." Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon "The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over. We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency. But that presidency is over". According to the interview, Trump is now the last Trumpian in the White House. Is this momentum pointing towards my prophecy for Trump, the shift of power? My intuition tells me that this IS an indicator of this prophec

Seer and prophecies

"Seers describe the future much earlier than political analysts. We don’t need numbers, geopolitical knowledge or extensive traveling to get insights of upcoming events. For us, finding a quiet place to meditate is enough. We hope the fruits of our visions help humanity get a better understanding of their future and how certain events are going to unfold." - Martin Zoller To prophecies

Charla gratuita: EL AURA Tu cuerpo energetico

En Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia! El aura es una fotografia del alma. En este cuerpo bioenergetico se puede ver tu pasado, presente, futuro, salud, destino, misión en esta vida y mucho más. Martin Zoller, vidente y psychic es uno de los visionarios más reconocidos del mundo. El nos hablará en esta charla sobre la anatomía espiritual del aura y los chakras, sus significados, higiene espiritual y el significado de los colores y símbolos en el aura y los chakras. En la meditación nos enseñará como contactarnos con el aura y como poder interpretarlo. Martin va leer el aura de algunos voluntarios en el evento!! No te pierdas esta maravillosa experiencia!!! Lugar

Seer And Psychic Martin Zoller On Following Our Inner Truth

Last week I was interviewed by a journalist and he asked about the essence of my work with people, including sessions, lectures, seminars and writings. I looked into the journalist’s eyes, reflected for around 10 seconds, trying to find the best way to briefly describe the benefit of my work... READ FULL NEWSLETTER HERE!

When psychic prophecies and political science meet

May 26, 2017 I published my latest prophecies for the Middle East and Central Asia. My main focus was on Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel. One of my prophecies says that within the next years, "Iran´s influence will increase. The Shia Crescent will gain political territory. The Shia influence will become stronger than now, not only within the Middle East but also in Central Asia." Today, when reading the article "The appearance of a new alliance in the Greater Middle East" (June 25, 2017) by writer/journalist and French intellectual Terry Meyssan, I was amazed to learn how he comes to the same conclusions. His sources of course are not like mine prophecies, but political facts and historical kn

Channeling Adolf Hitler - What if we learned history the wrong way?

Relaxing in my hammock and googling online news, I found articles about a new TV Hunting Hitler screening on The History Channel, Bob Baer (former CIA agent) claims the Nazi dictator faked his death and fled to South America - by submarine. What seems to be completely impossible when reading it, gets some kind of logic when learning the indicators or possible proves which point in that direction. Even before the TV program and released FBI documents, this information was not new to me! In the late 90s I had by surprise a channeling with Adolf Hitler where he shared exact this same information with us! 2014 I felt for the first time ready to write an article about this highly sensitive subje