Trends zum Automarkt Deutschland: Spiegel online vs. meine Vorhersagen

Soeben gefunden: Spiegel online schreibt apokalyptisch, dass der Automarkt Deutschland 2020 zum Desaster werden könnte. Interessanterweise habe ich u.a. auch zu diesem Thema in einer meiner Vorhersagen 2020 Stellung bezogen: "For the car industry, 2020 will not be devastating." In diesem Sinne sehe ich es für die Industrie nicht so düster wie die Spiegel Redakteure.

Psychic Forecast: Geopolitical events on the horizon in 2020!

This is what 2020 holds for Germany, France, Switzerland, Scotland, Austria, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, USA, China, USA/China, South Africa, Venezuela, Bolivia, Lebanon, Israel, Iran, Bitcoin, Oil, Brexit, North Stream2 Read my psychic forecasts for the coming year!

Forecast: Geopolitical events on the horizon in 2020

(Foto and edited by Fox @ Germany Germany does not need an external enemy which will attack and weaken the country - it takes care of this by itself. Internal confrontations and tensions on a political level will rise. The coalition will be challenged more than ever. However, Merkel will not lose power. The two diabolic ghosts of the past, socialism and fascism, will divide the country even more. Forget about uncontrolled waves of immigrants, the real danger is division of Germany (as nation, between the people). Economically the year will be extremely difficult. Decisions being taken will damage the countries growth. Industry related to steel and electricity will suffer. The b

Merry Christmas and a loving 2020!

Dear friend Another year is coming to an end. The lights of the Christmas season gently and joyfully announce the coming 2020. I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday and a blessed and happy New Year! May all visions and wishes come true! Warm and tropical greetings Martin Zoller

Prediction for BREXIT

My BREXIT forecast from August 23, 2019 is spot on about the all deciding time window (between October and December). Next step is where it's heading to and what this really means for the UK! I published several psychic studies about Brexit. From what I intuitively saw about it, I would like to congratulate the Brits for their bold steps forward! You are leaving a sinking ship, before it's too late! Well done!

Neues online Interview!

Ab dem 27. Dezember ist ein neues Interview mit mir zum kontroversen Thema, ob der 6. Sinn überhaupt spirituell sein muss, online! Darin erläutere ich u.a., warum ein Atheist ein genau so guter Seher, Medium oder Heiler sein kann, wie ein religiöser oder spiritueller Mensch. Oder, warum das Universum / Göttliche beim einsetzen seiner Kräfte, wie jenem des 6. Sinnes, weder moralische noch ethische Ansprüche oder Erwartungen hat. Exklusiv HIER! Passend dazu, meine Lektüre "Wenn die Dämonen rufen". Das eBuch kann per E-Mail gratis bestellt werden.

Updating visions Lebanons armed conflict

Vision: Mayor violent conflict is coming up for Lebanon. In 2018 or 2019 a new armed conflict is on the horizon. Outcome: Lebanon is living it's worst economical crisis since the civil war in the 70s. Countrywide unrests have created fears of a new civil war. Riots in the streets, people died, got killed, armed anti riot forces and military clashed violently with demonstrators. The streets of Beirut haven't seen such violence for a long time. My psychic forecast for Lebanon and its present conflict

Updating visions for Israel and Lebanon

Vision: Lebanon: Increasing threats of an open conflict with Israel will create a difficult time for the country. Outcome: Increasing tensions between Israel and Lebanon are creating fears of a new conflict between the two nations. This events are considered to be the most dangerous confrontation between both countries since the 2006 war with Israel and Lebanon.

Intuvision Segelseminar: Ausgebucht!

Unser Intuvision Exklusiv-Segelseminar 2020 ist ausgebucht! Olaf und ich freuen uns sehr auf die Seminarreise im Sommer 2020! Bereits jetzt planen wir am nächsten Intuvision Segelseminar 2021! Als einziges biete ich kommendes Jahr noch meine Seminarreise nach Costa Rica und in die Karibik an. Infos dazu auf meiner Webseite unter Events.

Psychic forecasts

Thank you very much for your countless emails with subjects for my psychic forecast 2020. There are so many of them, we decided to do two different publications: The first one will be with predictions for 2020. It will be published beginning of January. The second publication will be focused on subjects not only for 2020 but for the coming years. This publication will be online in February or beginning of March.