Coronavirus, a prediction

(Photo: It will be possible to control the current spread of the coronavirus relatively soon. I do not see the danger as great as many people fear at the moment. The virus is definitely not natural, but man-made. A good way to protect yourself is to strengthen your blood. I see strong blood as very efficient protection. The element "earth" is what I see before me. I would equate this with minerals and iron substances. The virus seems to be able to survive longer in the body than estimated at the moment, so that once in the body it can continue to exist as a "sleeper". With the current virus, there will be an all-clear in the not very far future. But I see another similar

Battlefield in the eastern Mediterranean?

(Photo: There's been an additional swirl in the eastern Mediterranean for months. Apart from the well-known hotspots of conflicts between Israel and Palestine, Israel and Lebanon, Syria and Turkey or Syria and Israel, in recent months we have been reading about tensions between Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Libya and Egypt. To this day, the disputes are political and only take place on the diplomatic stage. It is still difficult to imagine that this region could become an open source of conflict. Anyone who reads the newspapers attentively will notice that the parties involved are acting more and more aggressively and that the drums of war are not yet sounding, but are alre

Prophecy for the United Kingdom - It's disintegration, earlier than expected?

When I published my forecasts for Europe and Israel on December 11, 2016, I gave a time window of 40 to 50 years for their manifestation. To be honest, sometimes I am surprised at how quickly my predictions come true. One of them, which focused on the United Kingdom, seemed 2016 far away from manifest. The last four years, I have regularly followed the news of Brexit, and by that, Britain's internal conflict with Scotland and Ireland. Current developments give me the feeling that my prediction could manifest itself much earlier. Perhaps even within the next 15 years. My forecast for the United Kingdom: “The United Kingdom (UK) disintegrates.” If we're lucky, that disintegration won't be too

Ayahuasca Retreat in Bolivien

Endlich ist es wieder soweit! Unser 2020 Ayahuasca Retreat kündigte sich gestern mit einer ersten schönen und kraftvollen Zeremonie an! Vollmond und eine Mondeklipse unterstützen die Zeremonie. Vom 20. bis 30. Januar werden wir vier Zeremonien erleben dürfen. Unterstützt durch Kraft der Natur, Yoga, Meditationen, gesundem Essen und einer schönen Gruppe werden die 10 Tage ohne Zweifel, wie schon letztes Jahr, wieder unvergessliche Momente mit sich bringen! Wir freuen uns sehr auf das Retreat, welches jedem von uns viele Inspirationen auf den Lebensweg mitgeben wird! Die Zeremonie gestern war noch nicht im eigentlichen Retreat-Zentrum. Ab Dienstag trifft die Gruppe aus Europa ein, am 19. reis


(Source: @johnperkinsauthor) Since the assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani and high-ranking Iraqis on January 3, waves of emails are reaching me every day. There are great uncertainties and fears, whether there could be war between the USA and Iran and whether the nuclear agreement with Iran could be overturned. December 30, 2019, I published my forecasts on these very same topics.