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Strategic intuition
Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures!


We live in a time of great transformations. But currently not in the direction that many would wish for. Nevertheless, every fateful development is a great chance to move forward in life clearly and successfully.

We have many tools at our disposal to do this. One of the most powerful and at the same time most cost-effective is the INTUITION. Powerful because it can provide a clear view of unknown developments and inexpensive because everyone carries it within themselves. Some use it consciously and purposefully, but for many it lies dormant and is neglected.


On the one hand, intuition can be used for spiritual and personal growth, on the other hand it can be used both as a guide to professional and personal success and satisfaction, as well as for stronger positioning within society.


After his highly successful "Corona and the time after" webinar last year, Martin Zoller is again offering a webinar tailored to the current situation.

Thanks to his more than two decades of experience in crisis-ridden regions as a media consultant, he is one of the few visionaries in the German-speaking world who knows how to face the challenges that arise in crises consciously and successfully.


In this unique webinar you will learn:


• What is strategic intuition

• Intuition as a compass

• Intuition as tool and weapon

• How to protect yourself in crises with the help of intuition

• Correct positioning with the help of intuition

• Intuition in work and vocation



Thursday, September 1, 7pm - 10pm CEST

Friday, September 2, 7pm - 10pm CEST



The webinar will take place via Zoom. Participants will receive the zoom link 2 to 3 days in advance.



CHF 290.-

If you are interested to register our webinar click below

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