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When psychic prophecies and political science meet

May 26, 2017 I published my latest prophecies for the Middle East and Central Asia. My main focus was on Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Today, when reading the article "The appearance of a new alliance in the Greater Middle East" (June 25, 2017) by writer/journalist and French intellectual Terry Meyssan, I was amazed to learn how he comes to the same conclusions. His sources of course are not like mine prophecies, but political facts and historical knowledge.

Prophecies and "reality" meet sooner or later, almost all the time.

Seers describe the future much earlier than political analysts. We don’t need numbers, geopolitical knowledge or extensive traveling to get insights of upcoming events. For us, finding a quiet place to meditate is enough. We hope the fruits of our visions help humanity get a better understanding of their future and how certain events are going to unfold."

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