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2018 Predictions for Germany, France, Israel, Lebanon, North Korea, USA, Oil

Germany and France

The economic upswing that we experienced in 2017 will not be able to hold in 2018. Not only will we experience stagnation, but the economy will suffer in several aspects. The main problem will not be terrorism, so Europe can rest a little. Disagreements and economic stagnation within the European countries will be the main topics of the year. Existing trenches will deepen.

Specifically, between France and Germany, trenches will become bigger and different visions will come to the forefront. French President Emmanuel Macron will be put under unanticipated pressure which he will find difficult to deal with.

France is drawn into a new violent conflict abroad.

Even Germany will not really succeed in producing calmness and stability.

At the end of the year, there will once again be a major crisis in Germany.

A bigger crisis is derived from a pressure that has to do with the supply of oil. The US will intensify the pressure on Europe and put enormous pressure on the government in Brussels. Economically, the US will demand a strong Europe. This will cause unhappiness within the EC.

Brexit negotiations will continue, the British will break away from Europe, negotiations will be delayed again, but in the end, London will be dissolved. England will surprisingly put the EU under pressure with new financial leverage to go its own way. Although it looks negative in the beginning for London, Brexit will turn out to be positive outcome in the long term.

Donald Trump will mainly feel pressure internally. At the end of the year, he will suffer setbacks. There will be a major clash between him and his Vice President.


Despite perpetual provocations, there will be no open war between the US and North Korea.

The war in Syria will calm down a bit, but will not be completely resolved.

Mayor violent conflict is coming up for Lebanon. In 2018 or 2019 a new armed conflict is on the horizon.

Israel will see much more violence than it has experienced for years. It will be remembered as the bloodiest years for a long time.

Issues such as oil and gas will play a very important role in 2018 and pressure on governments will increase.

The relationship between the US people and its government under Trump today is being replicated at an increasing rate in Europe.

Radicalization of the population will increase.

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