Forecast: Geopolitical events on the horizon in 2020

December 30, 2019

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Germany does not need an external enemy which will attack and weaken the country - it takes care of this by itself. Internal confrontations and tensions on a political level will rise. The coalition will be challenged more than ever. However, Merkel will not lose power.

The two diabolic ghosts of the past, socialism and fascism, will divide the country even more.

Forget about uncontrolled waves of immigrants, the real danger is division of Germany (as nation, between the people).

Economically the year will be extremely difficult. Decisions being taken will damage the countries growth. Industry related to steel and electricity will suffer. The banking sector will be able to maintain itself.
The division we experience in the German nation will be also seen in the country’s economy. Interests will drift apart; the country’s economy will get divided.
For the car industry, 2020 will not be devastating.





Yellow vests and other movements will become less influential than they have been in 2019. The government will be able to calm down the situation.





The Government will reinvent itself by letting go of old structures. A very important law regarding pregnancy will be adopted, on an economical level the country will do well. The biggest changes for the country in this year will be happening within the Bundeshaus. (Federal Palace)





The new coalition will not be able to govern for a long time, without new problems occurring. Once more, the coalition will be challenged in a very serious way.
The new government will tighten tax/money laws, making it more difficult for its citizens.





The SNP's efforts to push independence through its agenda will not succeed (at least not in 2020). Support for their goal will come from the legal side, much more than from elections or parliamentary activities. In economic terms, this year will go well for the country. This is not because exports are getting better, but because austerity measures will cut spendings.




Several times I have published that Brexit won’t hurt the economy too much. The Euro will be able to keep itself more or less stable.

The main loser of Brexit is Brussels. It will have to adapt a lot of new laws and go for changes to keep its politics stable. 

Meanwhile for the Brits in the long run Brexit will be very positive - for Europe however it means a lot of work to keep the engine running without too much damage.
No other nation will follow the example of Brexit, at least not this year.

The battle for Nord Stream 2 will go on and won’t be settled. Unfortunately for the Europeans, the project will cause much more problems and conflicts and this not only for this year.

Immigrants once more will become more of an issue, but no as much as in 2015.

Eastern Mediterranean (Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Israel)

Within the next years, this part of the Mediterranean Sea will become a hot conflict zone. For this year, the confrontations will be kept on a verbal level and be fought only on political grounds and not yet military.





Impeachment won’t take Trump down. The real danger waits for Trump around the election month. His problems won't be about being impeached or reelected. Danger waits for him from a very different side




The country will be able to make a huge step forward in cyber intelligence. They will be able to make a move to conquer almost all of Europa and Central Asia.

In the future, 2020/21 will be seen as the year where China gained mayor control in cyberspace. Almost like the Spanish when they conquered South America and put their flags in the beaches of the Caribbean and the Andes of South America.



South Africa


The government will lose power, either by losing the majority of power or by the coalition falling apart.
The military complex is preparing to take control. Most probably not directly and openly but indirectly by gaining more and more influence. 
Either this year or in the coming, South Africa will experience something like a coup d’état.





No change of Government.





The country will find back to stability, only after a new change in the political cupola. The second half of 2020 will initiate a new, productive area and for 2021 Bolivia will experience again an economical growth.





The country will be able to prevent a political and economic meltdown. Politically the old structures won't (as demanded by the demonstrators) disappear. Sacrifices by the leading elite will be made but nothing which will really harm their position.
On a financial level the country’s banking system will have to find consensus to get out of its worst crisis since the 1970s.

Read my special forecast for Lebanon.





After the coming elections, the kingmaker for the new government will be the orthodox. Bibi has the better keys in his hands to go on ruling the country.
Even with a new government elected, the country will be more divided than before.
2020 will be a year in which legal issues will become more important than open conflicts with other nations.





No open war for Iran in 2020. Neither against the USA nor Israel.
No change of government.
Internal unrests will go on at the beginning of 2020 but then calm down. 
New negotiations will help to prevent an international confrontation because of the Iran nuclear deal. 



For Bitcoin, it won’t be a very strong year. Although the digital crypto-currency will be able to keep its performance from 2019, it won’t experience a mayor growth. Towards the end of the year, it will experience a huge shift, it has not experienced since January 2018.




Besides of one drawback in the first quarter of the year, oil will perform this year better than in 2019.







April 21, 2020 

Israeli coalition deal keeps Netanyahu in power


Psychic forecast for the elections:

"After the coming elections, the kingmaker for the new government will be the orthodox. Bibi (Netanyahu) has the better keys in his hands to go on ruling the country."



Israeli coalition deal keeps Netanyahu in power



Correctly predicted: Bibi Netanyahu is going on ruling the country


Not correct: The kingmaker where not the orthodox. Bibi and Gantz formed a unity government, keeping Bibi in power. Under the three-year deal, Netanyahu will serve as prime minister for the first half, with Gantz taking the job for the second half.



July 31, 2020 



"Even with a new government elected, the country will be more divided than before."



For days, the country suffers heavy clashes between left and right groups. Violence in protest stirs political uproar and opposition leader Yair Lapid warns of civil war







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