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UPDATING forecast conflict between Russia and Saudi Arabia


A dangerous confrontation between KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Russia will create worries all around the world, having a big impact on stocks (May 27, 2017)


Saudi Arabia launches oil price war after Russia deal collapse

Key points:

- Oil prices are down nearly 50% for the year after OPEC+ talks collapsed and Saudi Arabia announced slashed prices in an apparent price war with Russia.

- With previously agreed OPEC+ production cuts expiring at the end of March, Saudi Arabia and Russia can theoretically pump as much crude as they want.

- An oil price war will have massive geopolitical consequences, pummeling markets already shaken by the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

Could the current "oil war" between Russia and Saudi Arabia be the conflict I foresaw? If so, a sharp rise of the oil price can be expected in the events of upcoming steps. I also published in the same prediction:

“The oil price will sky rocket to a level nobody ever dreamed about.”

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