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Notably, in 2014, he foresaw the subsequent US president after Obama. In early 2016, he accurately predicted Donald Trump's presidency.


Among a plethora of other insightful forecasts, he recently predicted significant events such as the passing of Thailand's king, the 2017 Saudi palace purge, and Trump's decision to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem. He has been consistently accurate in foreseeing outcomes, including BREXIT, the Bolivian general election from October 2019 to October 2020, and the downfall of Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz.


Martin Zoller's talents extend beyond predictions; he has effectively profiled and resolved kidnappings and criminal cases. Law enforcement and media frequently seek his expertise in solving various cases. His predictions and visions are published globally, and he is a frequent guest on television and radio programs, providing insights into everyday issues and significant political events.


Between 2005 and 2006, he hosted a popular TV show in South America, and in 2011, he had his own show on German TV through RTL 2.

Renowned for his ability to read auras, Martin Zoller can keenly assess individuals, revealing their personalities, potential, and future. His international clientele often seeks his expertise for business strategies, relationship guidance, and personal matters.


Martin conducts regular seminars, lectures, and private consultations worldwide, solidifying his status as one of the most accurate and celebrated living seers globally.


Zoller's personal mission is to guide individuals in unlocking their full potential and help them realize their life aspirations.


To date, Zoller has authored nine books on the sixth sense and human intuition, in addition to creating six meditation CDs. He has been featured in multiple documentaries and cinema movies about Remote Viewing and intuition. Furthermore, he produced an award-winning documentary on shamanism.

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