Martin Zoller, is an internationally acclaimed psychic, seer and remote viewer.  He rose to fame in 1999, when he used his intuitive skills to find a missing airplane and its survivors in the jungle of Bolivia, after mainstream rescue efforts failed.

And more recently, his VISIONS for Europe and the Middle East, which are more important now, than ever!


Martin Zoller has been able to profile and resolve kidnappings and solve acts of crime, and is often called upon by media and law enforcement to help solve cases.  His visions and predictions have been published worldwide, and he’s regularly featured on television and radio programs to answer questions about daily issues and large-scale political events. In 2005 and 2006, he hosted his own popular TV show in South America. Then in 2011, he hosted his own show on German TV through RTL 2.

Also known for his ability to read auras, Martin Zoller can scan people in order to see their personality, while helping uncover their potential and future, in the process. His international client base seeks answer to business, strategic guidance, relationship and personal issues. 


Martin regularly holds seminars, lectures and private consultations throughout the world. He is recognized worldwide as one of the most accurate and famous seers alive.


Zoller's personal vision is to guide people to discover their full potential, while helping them achieve their life goals, in the process.


To date, Zoller is the author of nine books about the sixth sense and human intuition and six meditation CD’s. He participated in several documentaries and cinema movies about Remote Viewing and intuition. He produced an award-winning documentary about shamanism.