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Reference Martin Zoller, 16.07.2023

About Martin Zoller

I have been following Martin Zoller's analyses for many years. Again, and again I was amazed and fascinated by the occurrence of predicted events.


For the past two years, I have allowed myself the privilege of his personal consultations and aura readings. This has changed my life.


As an artist and musician, "letting oneself be inspired" and the willingness to explore new things are the foundation for one's own creative work.


That's why my sensitive antennas are mostly tuned to receive. I often find this receptivity an irritating stumbling block because I get bogged down in too many projects.


The consultations with Martin support me significantly in both organizing my ideas and recognizing which vision can be put into action powerfully and successfully.


The conversations also give me important impulses with regard to letting go of situations that inhibit me.

His inspiring seminars, books, mediations have significantly strengthened my intuition and access to my inner voice. All these diverse components of his work have helped me to recognize how I can synchronize my creative ideas with my applied life task.

For me, Martin Zoller has become an important life companion on my path to clarity, insight and energetic change.


His respect, his down-to-earthness and his humor make him a very special person.

Sylvia Richard-Färber

Musician, Artist

Yesterday (May 10, 2023) I had the session with Mr. Zoller and it was excellent!

I am deeply impressed by the abilities of Mr. Zoller, especially his health and chakra analysis was extremely accurate down to the smallest details (distorted pelvis, sick spine, oversensitive intestine, the tension in the jaw, missing synovial fluid in the right knee, etc.).


I felt 100% correctly perceived and seen.


The current conflict situation with my mother was also recognized and named. I am looking forward to future events and will be surprised.


My big thanks to him! I can say without exaggeration that this was the best, most accurate, and most helpful psychic session of my life. In any case, he has my recommendation for sure!


With grateful greetings,

Madeleine Ariane Keller


Seit 2009 berät mich Martin Zoller sowohl in meiner Funktion als CEO eines mittelständischen Unternehmens mit Sitz in der Schweiz als auch privat.


Mit grosser Zufriedenheit und vor allem sehr gutem Gewissen kann ich Martin Zoller empfehlen, denn die Ergebnisse seiner - in meinen Fällen zu 100 Prozent richtigen Voraussagen - sind so eingetroffen wie „gesehen“.


Mein Team und ich konnten hinsichtlich juristischer und wirtschaftlicher Belange den taktisch richtigen Weg einschlagen und somit existenzielle Schäden verhindern.Danke Martin für Deine Seriosität!


Mein Team und ich freuen uns Dich demnächst persönlich an einem Deiner Seminare in der Schweiz live zu sehen.


Claudia V., Luzern


...In any case, you told me that on one wall a nail (picture) is not properly fixed. In fact: in the bedroom, the nail was quite loose, even turned downwards, so that probably soon the picture, at best at night, could have fallen on my head.


Then there was another thing with the heat distribution, floor heating. And this morning I read the following on the front door: "...


The heating operation in the heat center and the heat supply (also for floor heating) at the district heating transfer station remains interrupted..."


That was the case today and lasted until noon. They even mentioned the words distribution installation, heating and floor heating at that time....


R. T.


Missing Dominican husband and dad

Dear Martin,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and advice....

Enrique, my Dominican husband, disappeared from one day to the next, without a trace. For nine months we had to hope and fear what had happened to Enrique. 
After my contact with you, I wrote to you about what happened. You could tell me clearly that he is still alive, that he didn't leave because of us, that he loves us, that you see a dark female influencing him negatively and that Enrique has debts to pay from before. You could also see that he was coming back. 
Everything was right, his mother was pressuring him, wanting money from him. Old family stories triggered the case. 
During that time and before my trip to the Dominican Republic, you had a dream about me: you told that I will not meet Enrique on my trip to the Dominican Republic. You saw a girl in the dream who was supposed to be his daughter: this was also true....

We have been happily reunited in Italy for two weeks now. 
You were always available for me, I was allowed to ask you for help at any time.
I can recommend you!!! We hope very much to meet you in person one day

With love and gratitude
Jasmine and Enrique with Claudia



Jasmine L.




Ricardo Mendoza

When I first met Martin Zoller I was surprised by how comfortable I felt with him, as though I had known him for a long time. Without any drama or elaborate preparation, Martin sat across from me and looked at me intently (I understood that he was looking at my aura). He then told me things about myself that were amazingly accurate and which he could never have known otherwise. He told me things that I did not know, but which later occurred and he offered explanations for things that had happened in my life prior to meeting him. By looking at my aura, Martin described members of my family and their ailments. One specific example was that, after describing in detail several physical characteristics and health problems related to my father, he warned of the ?seeds of cancer? that he saw. Weeks later, the doctor diagnosed my father's serious "precancerous" condition.

As an executive with a corporate intelligence firm, we have frequently consulted with Martin Zoller on a wide range of issues. His insight into the human psyche is amazing, and his intuitive abilities have astounded even the most skeptical of our colleagues in the law enforcement and intelligence communities. M. Zoller has been involved in cases ranging from corporate theft to terrorism. He has actively and successfully assisted in the search for missing people all over the world. He has identified suspects, and predicted acts well beyond anything that can be explained as merely being an educated guess. On a personal basis, M. Zoller has frequently been very helpful in giving advice and insight, predicting events and measuring history in a unique and special way. M. Zoller's gift is really a gift to mankind. I encourage anyone who has doubts to just make a meeting. You will leave convinced that something incredible has happened.

Mark Mc Langer

Executive, Orlando/USA

Hi Martin

Hope you're well and have had a good start to 2010.

On 11 May 2009 I met you in Dubai... the only time we've ever met.

You told me that I'm going to leave Dubai.  I left in November.

You told me I'll move to a place with 4 seasons. I now live in Tehran (after 26 years of being away from the country), a city famous for its weather having 4 seasons.

You told me I will be working with the Far East.  I am now working with China in International Trade, something totally different from the work I've been doing for the past dozen years.

You told me that there is 80% chance that my very long distance relationship with my girlfriend will prove to be successful.  At the time I thought our chances are 5%. I now think our chances are 80% as we've got closer and more in love over time... and we are getting nearer and nearer to the time of her coming and living with me.

For anyone who doesn't believe this, I have a recording of your words to me... and I look forward to your other forecasts from the same session coming true:

That I would be successful in the new project/work that I'm doing... the result for which are something that can only come over time. (VERTAS time)

That my time in Tehran would be 1 to 2 years... the project that I'm working on requires me to be in here for this period of time and establish the business relationship before probably moving back to Dubai and maintaining the business from there. (VERTAS time)

That my time in Tehran would be a bridge or more of a trampoline. ... I sincerely hope this would be the case as it is about time that my business ventures in life get a good bounce in life. (VERITAS time)

I was born in the Chinese year of the Tiger which is coming up... I hope this is a good omen.

I wish you the very best and thank you for your words and advice.

Kind regards





I want to thank you for all you said . I have been so impressed by the truth about the tempers of people we spoke about , the exact trouble I have and I had with some of them. You see SO CLEARLY !!! It is so incredible!

Next time you are in Beirut, I would like to have another consultation with you .Please just tell me.

Thank you once more.

Best regards.

Jacqueline Diane Attie

Jacqueline Diane Attie


I had an incredible experiance with Martin about our appartement we just bought and remodeled. He told me he saw a "grey dust" over it. I told him it must be from the remodeling we did, but he kept insisting it would be something different and that we would have problems with it... and this grey dust all over a cloud... Three weeks later we discovered that we had water infiltrations from the roof and airconditioning and major "mould" problems all over the place!!!

Caroline Ochsner


Dear Martin,


I would like to thank you again very much for the great session yesterday.


As the owner of a medium-sized consulting firm for companies, I know how important strategic decisions are.


The basis for this must, of course, be well-founded figures, data and facts. In addition to a great entrepreneurial intuition, one's own intuition is one of the most important foundations for me.


And this is exactly where your unbelievably professional, accurate and important work comes into play. Your "readings" not only secure your own decisions, but also point out possible developments that you did not have in mind. This also includes dangers, which can then - with this knowledge - be met in an appropriate manner.


I have been working with you for many years and can therefore confirm on a well-founded basis how accurate and valuable your readings are professionally and privately ..... Once again a proof that one should not only know the price of a service, but much more the value of a service ...


There are many such offers, but only very few who do Remote Viewing as professionally as you do. No wonder that you are booked by so many high-ranking representatives from business and politics.


Thank you for your support.



Dear Martin,
Thank you for your once again accurate prediction of the outcome of the regional elections in Mallorca. 
The efforts of the left-wing government, intensified towards the end of the legislative period, to restrict the acquisition of land by non-residents, have led to a clear uncertainty among foreigners living here, but also among those interested in Mallorca real estate. In the foreground was the concern of lack of fungibility.

You predicted in March 2023 that this concern was unfounded, and that the future government would in any case take a pro-economic course.

This prediction was confirmed by the elections on 28.05.23. Mallorca breathes a sigh of relief. 


Rita F.


Martin is, has been and always will be a light in the darkness of life for me.

I met him three decades ago and since then he has in various pivotal moments of my life given me the guidance I longed for.

His powers have a potency that clearly comes from a deep mystical place in existence.

Perhaps we are not able to understand why, how and what is being given to us.

In his presence clarity emerges. Vision is confirmed. Understanding is cultivated.

I highly recommend any and all of those people to have the privilege of receiving his guidance, in the form of a reading, a retreat or simply to read his words.

Lakshmi Sarah Kennedy

Director New Future Society

Dear Martin,

Thank you very much for your counseling yesterday (April 18, 2023).

I was so perplexed... the consultation was so full of important topics concerning my professional and private situation.  

What really knocked my socks off was, after your analysis and psychic contact with my horse Dieffenbach, his behavior towards me changed completely. 

Regardless of his pain, which you had analyzed, he was a different person towards me afterward. 

As if he could communicate with you and was happy that I "saw" him. I "talked" to him as usual, but now he was completely changed as if a weight had fallen off him.

He was able to communicate with me. Instead of cheekily nudging me "Give food Madame" he looked at me with alert kind eyes and respectfully observed what my plan was now.

Of course, I now have a lot of work to do to keep it that way, but you have "thrown the rope over" ....

I am very very grateful to you, Martin!

Maike L.


Dear Mr. Zoller,


For now I just wanted to thank you for the last session in April via Skype with you, it was very helpful!

It was extremely sensational, you had only my name and a photo of me!


What they said at the beginning about my health, current condition, I did not know myself in part, have me now totally checked out, and you were right in all your statements right!


Very impressive was that you have seen soldiers of the Wehrmacht from the Second World War in my geographical environment, that occupied me and you had a hit also here:


Hitler spent a year with us and logically had many soldiers with him.


Also the prognosis in Beruflich dingen I can imagine meanwhile well!!!


With kind regards


Marta Kretzer


I have known Martin Zoller trough a friend of mine for over 2 years now and I finally had the opportunity to meet him and person and do some consultations face to face about 6 months ago. On one of his recent visits to Dubai, I explained to him that I had lost a diamond necklace in my house. I was positive that 2 months before hand_ I had taken it off to change into other jewelry for the specific occasion. He told me he would find it and asked if he could look through my things. I am not sure how he did it, but he "connected" with the diamond and told me it was inside something - maybe like a box or a basket. Then he identified the room it was in and then the side of the room it was located. It was near my dresser. He went through my drawers and found it in the medicine shoe box I had in my second drawer. One week later, I had misplaced it AGAIN! I am so clumsy. I called him over again and he said it was "on top of a surface" this time. He "connected" with the diamond again, and identified the side of the room it was on. It was on top of the same dresser, junked with some other things. He left, laughed and told me to be more careful with my valuable things.


Dani Baxevoni


Dear Martin,


I would like to thank you for all the guidance you have offered me during the past 10 months.


When I first met you I was in total loss due to personal issues I was going through, in addition to being duped by so many fortunetellers and psychics, and believe me when I tell you they are a dozen..

You were the only one who was upfront and didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, instead you made me see the truth even if it hurts sometimes. This is what makes you so good since you are totally frank and never mislead people by telling them what you feel they want to hear and thus their false hope keeps them coming back for more consultations.

I started consulting you for personal matters and you turned out to be much more than a psychic; you know perfectly how to guide and enlighten me and therefore consider you today as my coach based on the accurate predictions you provided me along the way thus resulting in me taking all the right decisions. You were wrong not a single time; that's a 100% success rate!.

For that I am so grateful and confident that my misfortunes are behind me and my future ever so bright. I can't begin to describe your honesty and how caring you have always been to me.


You taught me how to rely on myself and be confident as well as persevere through tough times and have rid me of my anxieties.

Furthermore, I started relying on your guidance in business matters and I can vouch that you are as good as what you offer in personal affairs!

Martin, I can never talk enough about how much grateful I am for knowing you, and I hope with all my heart that God looks after you and keeps you by my side because you are a true blessing in my life.


Thank you again for being so patient and I strongly advise people to benefit from your gift and get to enjoy the happiness I have received..


Yasmine Khoury


I just wanted to inform you that I could agreed with the two managers of the company upon the purchase price. Beginning of December we had come to an agreement on the amount you saw already of EUR 420 000.00. I would like to thank you once again for supporting me so well in these negotiations.

Thank you very much.


Daniel Kos

Firm owner, Freiburg/Germany

dear mr. zoller

something for your statistics: at the end of january you told me via skype that i will go on vacation in spring, but that there will be delays and complications, but that they will clear up.

at that time, of course, i couldn't think of anything more specific, 
until the volcano erupted... in fact, i can now fly to india in spite of everything - had not expected it anymore!

so you were 100% right, i even wrote it down in black and white. i am very impressed!

best regards
suzanne short

Suzanne Kurz


Dear Martin,

my team and I have been very impressed by your gift to analyse and predict our potentials. Our group session included 10 people and you left each one of us speechless – honestly!! Not only did you accurately predict certain challenges and potentials within our group, but you also predicted certain individual outcomes – very accurately. We are very happy with your work and we will certainly contact you again for future projects.




Robert B


Dear Martin, I am writing to let you know that I am full of gratitude for your exceptional gift- you not only accurately predict the future- you do it with a lot of humanity and grace. So many of your predictions have already come true and you are very valuable to my decision making- both in my private life and my business. I warmly recommend you to anyone in need of guidance, who has a burning question or needs some confirmation about the direction of their life.


Maria Esther


Dear Mr. Zoller,

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very interesting, pleasant and informative conversation on Friday via Skype.

But the real reason why I am writing to you is quite different. Something incredible and fascinating happened that I would like to tell you about.

In your consultation on Friday, you pointed out to me that I would have a technical problem on my car regarding the tires. What you couldn't know, of course, was that my tires were in very poor condition and I had been considering replacing them with winter tires ahead of schedule for some time.

Therefore, I was a little scared and asked you if it would be possible to drive another 300 km today, which I was forced to do for professional reasons. They reassured me and assured me that it was NOT a danger, but only a technical problem.

Now I thought over the weekend, how now the tire change would fit into my very tight schedule, but decided against it, because I had to be on Tuesday already back in NRW and postponed it to uncertain time.

And now comes the absolute hammer: When I parked my car on Monday morning at a customer appointment, I suddenly heard the sound of escaping air. And just imagine: There was a nail stuck in the front left tire, resulting in a flat tire within a few minutes!!!

And it was exactly as you predicted me four days earlier: It was NOT a hazard, just a technical problem, five minutes away from my workshop. And what all could have happened with a flat tire on the highway at high speed?!??

Many, many thanks to you. Your statements are to the point and incredibly accurate! After this incident, one thing is certain for me: I will seek advice from you at regular intervals on all questions of life.

Kindest regards

Yours, K. W.


K. W., NRW


Dear Martin

I would like to thank you again for your informative words, which fascinated me very much, and at the same time amazed me, especially the aura knowledge about my health, the colors and so on.

I also noticed for myself that at the end of the hour I was almost like in another world, and important questions remained outside.
I enjoyed it very much, and certainly I will be happy to contact you and your excellent skills again.

Am just waterfall similar to your new book to read, devour.

Wish you a wonderful start of spring, even if it comes late this year!

Sunny greetings 

Petra Kraut

Petra Kraut


Hello Martin,

Yesterday I was blindsided. I was always convinced of your work. Yesterday I received but once again
a confirmation where I have thought for me that it can not be true.

As predicted by you, our garage door has a mechanical problem since the day before yesterday. I had to laugh very much about it...

Volker Meyer


Wow, had to share this with you Martin. Two bankers were let go today....just ystdy you told me a couple of people were going to leave. 





Dear Martin Zoller
I have to tell you that you were right with your predictions.
When I skyped with you last time you told me that something was coming with my left foot that was not good, possibly surgery. I have been in such pain for 7 weeks and the diagnosis is heel spurs.
I have terrible pain and almost can not walk, despite a lot of therapy. I was told that it could take up to 2 years.
When I came to you, you told me I had to have an operation on my right knee, which was done a year ago.

You are unspeakably great and fenomenal for me.
I thought I must share with you what you see.
Dear Mr. Zoller I wish you all the best with all my heart and I will Skype with you again.

Best regards and all the best

Klara Schnell, Chur


Missing after earthquake in Nepal (April 2015)

During the very severe earthquakes in Nepal at the end of April 2015, I had no possibility to contact Switzerland.

Martin Zoller has for my family and friends medially and with Remote Viewing daily my physical and psychological condition exactly analyzed and described.


It was even possible for him to perceive my hip complaints, which were not related to the earthquake.He saw me unharmed in a safe place, psychologically stressed, but stably viewed. The accuracy of the analyses is extraordinary, the information was able to reassure my relatives very much. His medial abilities are convincing and accurate.

N. Voegtli


Martin is a special being, without pretensions. 


Talking in a calm and warm atmosphere I was looking for some answers that he helped me to find through his knowledge and abilities.


More than a divination exercise, it was a moment of perception and connection with energies that are there but that we ignore because of the daily hustle and bustle.


Martin helped me to connect and "listen" to them.


I was able to prepare myself to make difficult decisions about upcoming situations that if I had not perceived them before with Martin's help, I might not have been able to deal with them in the best way.


Now, a few months later, when everything that Martin visualized happened, I am impressed by his level of precision and his sound advice. 


Thank you Martin, your presence helps me to better understand my past and to clarify my present and future outlook.



Claudio Andres Castillo

Bogota, Colombia

Dear Martin, I am writing to let you know that I am full of gratitude for your exceptional gift- you not only accurately predict the future- you do it with a lot of humLa consulta que tuve con ?l me ayud? mucho en mi vida personal ya que pude experimentar escenas en mis vidas pasadas que han venido a repercutir en esta vida tanto as? que me he dado cuenta de ciertas incompatibillidades entre familia que no entend?a y ahora entiendo, me ayud? tambi?n a saber como estaba en mi interior y en que ten?a que tener cuidado sobre mi salud, fue una experiencia que la volver?a a experimentar.anity and grace. So many of your predictions have already come true and you are very valuable to my decision making- both in my private life and my business. I warmly recommend you to anyone in need of guidance, who has a burning question or needs some confirmation about the direction of their life.

Rita Buzon


Dear Martin Zoller:
Happy new year to you too! We couldn't be better with my sister's liberation after her kidnapping. I was impressed by all of your comments which, by the way, were accurate. The power of the mind is incredible. I always said that I respected the forecast, especially yours. Everything was so similar - the kids, the factory or company business, the south side of the city, your sense and vision on December 29 that you saw her free in 2 days. It was truly incredible. She was with us on December 31 at 5 a.m. How accurate what you did!
We had just fallen asleep at my dad's house. It was almost 4:30 a.m. when we received a call from her letting us know that she was at a medical lab where she had gone to ask for help. We went to the south side of the city immediately. She was in complete shock, very anxious, frustrated, depressed and everything else that you would expect.
Thank you for your initiative. Thank you for helping us maintain our minds positive. Thank you.

Carlos Vicente


Well, my experience with Martin Zoller was really impressive, he spoke to me and told me things that in reality only I knew, it benefited me and helped me a lot to have that kind of experience, it made me see things from another point of view, I also knew what my purpose in life was, the teachings that I should share with the purpose of enriching my spiritual evolution. He spoke to me about my past lives which is very important for me to know, so I could understand several questions that I had in my current life, from that experience I see things differently and awakened in me many more concerns, Martin is one of those people which one does not meet by chance but that come into your life to teach you many things and help you a lot. it was really an experience that I invite everyone who has the opportunity not to miss it.

Karin Bueno


Dear Martin,

I would like to thank you for your assistance in providing us with the insight that we where in such a need for.
Not only did you predict to us the way our adversary would attempt to harm our company but you also where able to tell us how to prepare for it and what steps we would need to take in order to come out victorious.
Our company attorney was very impressed with your predictions and recommendations and as a result we followed them exactly as you said, the result was a great victory to our company and we are extremely grateful to you.
Based on your recommendations we have resulted much stronger than we where.
In the name of all of …(name of company) employees and especially me we are forever in your debt.
Thank you.

Alejandro Cortez

CEO, Miami/USA

It was referred to Mr. Martin Zoller by a United Nations delegate five (5) years ago for consultation. At the time of our first meeting the financial advisory firm I helped start faced a delicate cash shortage. Our efforts to close on-ongoing transactions achieved only minimal progress, limiting the firm’s capacity to market its services to new clients.
Mr. Zoller’s accurate identification of up-coming windows of opportunity at various points in time enabled us to plan in ways otherwise not evident. Furthermore, his inputs on the underlying motivations of clients and counterparts allowed us to prioritize more effectively. Today I consult on average three (3) to four (4) times per year with Mr. Zoller as our business continues to grow. His talent is one of a kind.
Central to Mr. Zoller’s credentials as a respected consultant is a solid code of ethics. Mr. Zoller conducts his advisory business with discretion, objectivity and integrity independent of the level of friendship he may have with a client and irrespective of ties between clients. This ethical approach further enhances the set of talents recognized worldwide.

Eduardo Solero

Investment Banking, NYC/USA

Dear Mr. Martin Zoller
I would like to thank you for your assistance over a several months period during which you assisted me with your insights, giving me useful information regarding legal problems I had at this time.
Your support helped me to be prepared for upcoming events regarding a lawsuit against my business partners and me. This was very important, particularly regarding attacks from the press, as you had told me before about upcoming articles. Furthermore, as you knew that this would happen, you could also tell me that it would pass without harming me.
The information you gave me about the people involved in the case were also very helpful. Reading their Aura gave me a much better picture on where they came from at what their plan was. It is like a very powerful way of spying in people's minds to know what they are up to.
On a personal level, your guidance helped me a lot in the sense of being coached. Trusting in your predictions and preparing myself accordingly, gave my family and myself a lot of support and confidence.
Everything is over now and came out good for me. I must thank you for your valuable support and can highly recommend this to anybody who needs assistance and guidance in legal matters.

Sincerely yours,

R. E. B

CEO, Berlin/Germany

Hey mate, 

Well it's been since maybe march that I had your reading and thought I'd give you some feedback on what's happened since:

You said that we'd be traveling in a not developed, not english speaking country, not for travel but for work (which I was dubious of having just moved to Sydney) - well one month after talking to you we found ourselves flown to Aitutaki to look at buying into a business (a wee boutique resort).  Great business, but we decided against it in the end only as it was far too isolated, it it was Raro we would have for sure. 

You mentioned I'd be writing a lot - I 've found my self deskbound the last few months (not liking it!)

You mentioned that there were some health issues coming up in Jacky's family - her aunt died about a month or two after speaking to me. 

You mentioned getting teeth checked -had to have some work done there for sure. 

Also mentioned that in September I'd get some new opportunities coming my way and have had some job offers come my way and trying to decide what to do there, and alo whether to invest in some digital business.



New Zealand

Dear Mr. Zoller! 

I often have to think about our session. Again and again I experience a situation a second time, the first time in your session and then real, their precision is really insanely accurate....



Claudia Bach,


Good day,

I had the pleasure and good fortune to have a psychic consultation with Martin Zoller.

Such a versatility and -layeredness in perception are really special.

Martin Zoller sees numerous, concrete things - and at the same time maintains a clear line in his consulting.


The topics are brought to the point, practical and suitable for everyday use.I appreciate his neutrality, very attentive choice of words, and at the same time great modesty and cordiality.

I can only recommend a consultation or seminar with him to everyone.

I am very impressed and enthusiastic.

Best regards!
J. D.

J. D., Köln


"Mr. Zoller began his lecture by describing in detail my physical ailments. Some time ago, I had an accident on a boat, falling directly into the motor while going down the stairs.


Since then, I have had back pain and hip problems. Martin described this condition accurately.


He was also able to see situations from my past and present and predicted future situations that have come to fruition."


Geneva Bueno


Dear Martin,


I have just listened to the session with you again and must give you the predicate "ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE RECOMMENDED"!Despite a tiny unconscious skepticism on my part, it is to be noted that there are things you could not have known!
I found the consultation really very helpful and can only recommend you warmly!

Best regards from Hamburg 


Andrea Suhr



Martin Zoller may have saved my life!!! I was planning on traveling alone to Thailand over Christmas 2004. I had planned this trip for a long time, so I was extremely confused when he (Martin) told me, during one of our sessiosn together in late June of the same year, that the trip I had been planning all along would not be taking place. Instead, and he was very specific about this, I would be going on a trip to Miami. I asked him in disbelief? Yes, he was certain I would be traveling to Miami instead of my long planned journey. He was right! Due to many unforeseen circumstances, I did unbelievably enough end up in Miami over Christmas of 2004, just when that horrible Tsunami hit the beaches of Thailand. Knowing myself and my love for the beach, I would probably have ended up somewhere nearby and I am so thankful to Martin Zoller for having intervened on my behalf. I believe in his powers, and have gone back over and over to him for his spiritual guidance. Thank you Martin Zoller!!!

Natascha Tarkovzky

New York/USA

Mr. Martin Zoller has been advising me medially for about 7 years now, both in business and in private. Originally skeptical about mediumistic consultations I soon saw that his predictions are completely accurate. I can therefore only recommend him especially for business planning.

Markus Vögtli


Dear Martin,

The online consultation with you has left a lasting impression on us. Your accurate assessments of the current situation and the people involved without prior knowledge immediately dispelled all initial doubts. You were able to narrow down health details in particular without any prior knowledge and point out suitable solution (or resolution) approaches. With regard to personal and business orientation, you helped us to set important "cornerstones" for the future and to dispel a temporary concern. Your gift of spontaneous inspiration also made us smile: for example, the information about the defective bed frame, which we could agree with right away. We are still evaluating the wealth of information you have given us and are keeping a close eye on the things you have given us along the way. We have decided to contact you again after this detailed initial consultation, if we are personally a little uncertain about important decisions in the future and our own intuition lets us down.

Best regards, Gaby and Ralf

Gaby und Ralf Schmitz


I already have some years of experience with consultations and loving showings of this kind; however, professionalism & looseness & honesty was redefined (for me) by Mr. Zoller.

The hour was very very insistent, exact, unexalt, unobtrusive and cordial as accurate and helpful. I recommend Mr. Zoller with exclamation marks and remain grateful.

C. Messner

Frankfurt, Germany

Dear Martin Zoller,

I'm writing to you from Paris to express my gratitude in these few words, which are very poor in relation to what our Rendezvous brought me.

You are a gift to humanity and to my life. I owe a large part of my professional, family and personal development to you. You were able to transmit to me, with great precision and taking into account my personality, with kindness, everything I needed to know to bring out the best in my life! It's a real miracle! 

I hope that life will lead you in the direction of all those who want to "heal", for you too are a true healer of the soul! Thank you so much!

Marie Claire M.

Marie Claire M


Dear Mr. Zoller
When I spoke to you on the phone, one of the things you told me was that I would have to have surgery on my knee.
At that time, I could not imagine it. Since a few months, I feel pain, which does not stop. Last week I had to go to the tube for this reason. This morning, my family doctor told me that I had a crack in my mini-kiss and he was going to send me to surgery, which I could not escape.
You are simply a phenomenon, I am so convinced of you and I am always very happy to have contact with you. In any case, I will be very happy to see you again and I am already looking forward to it.
Dear Mr. Zoller, I wish you all the best and love from the bottom of my heart.
I look forward to seeing you again.
With very warm greetings
Esther Werner

Esther Werner


Hi Martin,

Thanks for the consultation today. I have to tell you something. You mentioned the energy of a child and I didn't understand why as my husband and I are not discussing children and no one I know is pregnant.

But tonight when I came home from work my husband was on the phone with his son (from his first marriage--he's about 28 years old), who had called to tell him that his wife is pregnant! What a surprise. Now it all makes sense.

Have a great week and all the best,


Nadia Hitz Claude


Dear Martin

Thank you very much for your work on the occasion of our session of 20.7.22. I have found my inner peace again and it has become clear to me what I need to focus on.

I feel ordered and can follow my impulses freely again.

You mention in one of your publications a hit rate of your predictions of 70%. For me it is clear after our session that this is much higher. Everything was coherent and many things have already been confirmed.

With your statements concerning the twins it came in my opinion now and then to name confusions. However, I could always assign these predictions clearly to one of my daughters. Confusions belong to the fate of twins ;)

I like your mixture of spirituality and grounded realism and it is refreshing that there are such individuals like you who make the world more colorful.

Best regards


Andrea Suhr

Dear Mr. Zoller,

I wanted to thank you for the impressive and accurate reading today! It impressed me enormously with what accuracy you can perceive and communicate what you saw in me!

The conversation with you was a great help and confirmed many things I was working on in my life!

With kind regards,

Claudia Kant

Claudia Kant


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