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March 25 and 26, 2016 Seminar: The power of intuition! Dubai / UAE

Intuition is the key to our inner guidance. Intuition can show us who we are and where we are going to in life. If you know how to use your intuition, you are having your inner GPS activated.

You will be able to receive messages, showing you the way in your life. Intuition helps you to take the right decisions in life and to avoid problems. In this seminar

Martin Zoller teaches you how to dive in the deep sea of your higher self. With meditations he is teaching, you will start to get in a direct contact with your inner self and intuition.

You will have the possibility to interpretate the messages you are receiving. Your own psychic power will guide you; your inner Oracle will give you insights about your life. Understand how to use your intuition and everything in life will become much easier.

Time: 9am till 5pm (2days but only 1day attendance is also possible)

Workshops price: 1600AED 1 day attendance: 1000AED

Contact organizers: Email: Link to event! Phone: 043436676

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