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Future for Trump and Israel

December 5, 2017

Tonight, I had a dream. The dream gave a message from a not very far future

Donald Trump was sitting in his Oval Office. Behind him stood several dark shadows, with cold, sparkling eyes. The shadows had souls, but they were not good beings. The creatures whispered in Trump's ears, gave him an order.

Trump stood up and shouted out the order. By doing so, he unleashed a beast which flew from the lowlands into the mountains. In these mountains where many hills, on one of them a temple. Three large sheep were grazing in front of the temple, many small sheep grazed around the temple. The beast shot down from the sky and slaughtered the three big sheep in front of the temple. After that, the beast went around, attacking the remaining sheep. Sheep after sheep was torn mercilessly. The beast killed and killed, without mercy. It was like a being sent from hell. The beasts name is all over written with instant focus to zoom the reality!


Dezember 6, 2017, early morning

Less than 24 hours after my dream and the publication of the post to my dream, Donald Trump announced that he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and, ultimately, relocate the US Embassy from Tel Aviv (lowlands) to Jerusalem (mountains).

The last sentence in the post about my dream is a code. It contains a word that shows where my dream is going to happen and who the dark souls who gave Trump the orders and stand behind him are:

The beasts name is all over written with instant focus to zoom the reality!

Take every first letter of every 3rd word: The beasts Name is all Over written with Instant focus to Zoom the reality = NOIZ

Now read this word from right to left = ZION

The place is Israel and the shadows are Zionists

The beast flew from the lowlands (coast, Tel Aviv) to the mountains (Jerusalem). The temple in my dream represents the Holy City, Jerusalem.

The three large sheep’s represent the three monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

This order will trigger violence and harm all three religions. Is not a religious motivated act, but a purely political. The spiritual power of religions becomes the victim of the political monster.

The other, smaller sheep are humans, citizens who will die as consequence of this order. Violence will be triggered.

This dream was a warning!

Dezember 6, 2017, early evening

In a live press conference, Donald Trump declared Jerusalem as Israels capital. Moving the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will be the next step.

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