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My open letter to French President Emmanuel Macron

Dear Mr. President

I read about your wise and powerful words on January 25 at the Davos World Economic Forum 2018 in Switzerland.

The essence of your message was that France is back on the world stage and you hail the recovery of France.

Mr. President, you are right! France will recover. There is more. On December 11, 2016 and also 5 months before you became France´s new leader, I published more of my prophecies for Europe. What you shared in Davos is pointing France in the right direction and my visions for your country have been synonymous.

Not only France will be back, but it will return to be the Grande Nation of Europe. Your country will become the future leader of Europe. This is my vision for your country.

Unfortunately, before this can happen, Europe will have to go through a long and difficult time of violence and conflicts. Europe once more will have to experience harsh and difficult times. This also is part of my prediction which I published for your country and for Europe.

Your words are initiating the path I foresaw and published in 2016. To get there is not easy, but your nation will get there and become once more what it deserves to be: La Grande Nation!

Bonne chance monsieur le Président!

Martin Zoller


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