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Open letter to President Vladimir Putin (about meddling in US 16 elections)

Dear Mr. President

First of all, I wanted to express you my deepest respect. You brought Russia back on the geopolitical world stage!

In today’s news I read about the FBI’s accusations against 13 of your “agents”. Supposedly they were meddling with the 2016 US elections. The FBI is accusing them of manipulation to prevent Hillary Clinton to become US president.

According to the FBI, your agents already started their activities in 2014.

That same year I published online a psychic profile about the winner of the US 2016 elections. If you or your people would have read my psychic predictions for the elections, you would have known that Hillary never had a chance to become president. She did not fit AT ALL to my visions for the coming president. On the other hand, my psychic profile did fit 100% to Donald Trump!

Analysing my visions, I know that Hillary Clinton never had the chance to become US president. With or without your activities!

The reasons where others…

Before the next US elections, please feel free to check my my website and see what I published about the outcome.

It might save you a lot of time and money...

Best regards,

Martin Zoller

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