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Analysis and personal comments to my visions for BREXIT

There was a lot of confusion about Brexit and whether it might happen after all or not. The outcry for a new referendum in England, trying to stop the Brexit process and all the verbal fights and pressures among politicians in the UK and Europe made the press, many politicians and commune people uncertain about the reality of Brexit and whether it will happen or not.

Meanwhile Brexit was on the border of being dropped, the readers of my psychic forecasts once more knew exactly how this situation will turn out.

A few times already I published my visions for Brexit. I predicted that indeed it will happen and most importantly what kind of consequences this national solo effort will cause to England.

Much fear about the Brexit was being created by all involved parties, in the UK and in Europe. Many Brits are afraid of what might come now and how at the end of the day, this will turn out for England.

For those who are afraid of what will happen to Britain, I have a reassuring reply. What I always published together with the outcome for the Brexit process is that at the end of the day, it will be beneficial for England. Of course, there will be difficulties to overcome, the split from Europe will create uncertainty and for some years it will be challenging. At the end however, it will turn out just to be the right step!

Brexit allows England to leave a sinking ship. Europe is on the border of a huge meltdown and I feel intuitively that the British government is aware about this and by purpose leaves the European Community, before it is too late. If you are out, you are not obligated anymore to save the other members!

From my long-term intuitive perspective, England has just taken the right action by leaving the EU. Just hold out for some time, wait and you will see that England took the right path!

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