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Psychic forecast 2019

For more then 10 years I have already been publishing my prophecies for the coming year.

Those topics were based according to images I received.

Normally my focus was on countries I assumed would be interesting for you and I was psychically working with.

Walking through the streets of Europe or the Middle East it happens many times, that I am stopped by readers of my articles or viewers of my videos. I am asked about upcoming events or developments in Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Far East, the USA and other places. Also via Email I receive uncountable requests to analyze countries, continents or economical situations of major companies or whole countries.

This made me realize, how much you are interested in my forecasts. Because of this fact, for this year I want to proceed a little bit different:

I will give YOU the chance to choose topics, situations and ongoing developments you would like me to psychically analyze. Send me your subject of interest via email.

From the incoming emails, I will choose the subjects which are most related to globally ongoing events or which are of interest for you, my dear virtual follower.

Please email me your favorite subjects for 2019 you think are interesting for you and your fellow citizens to know until January 15.

From all the incoming topics, I will choose the most interesting and publish them before the end of this month in my psychic forecast 2019.

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