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World in flames: why are protests raging around the globe?

Analysis of my publication with psychic forecasts from January 2, 2015


- The streets of Europe will be burning. The images remind me of photographs and videos in the news during times of dictatorship in South America. Burning tires in the streets, police brutality, violence and persecution within the country's borders. Not an open war like World War 1 and 2, but a civil war with social unrest.

- World War 3 will be asymmetrical and not between certain countries, like WWI and WWII.

To the date:

Liberia, Lebanon, Catalonia, Chile, France, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Venezuela... to name some of the hotspots.

"Protests and demonstrations have rocked every corner of the world in recent days, with tax hikes, corruption and supposed environmental injustice all raising public anger. But why have they spread?"

Whatever the reasons for such unrests are (RT: A minefield- Dealing with mass unrest is a minefield for governments.), they are growing and will get much worse. We are only about to see the beginning of this new reality, socio-political minefields will spread around the globe much more. Sooner or later we won't ask ourselves anymore why it started, we will hope it's over very soon.

How shall we be prepared to confront such events? Not with fear but a strong and focused personality.

Read full article with more predictions for Europe and the world

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