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Battlefield in the eastern Mediterranean?


There's been an additional swirl in the eastern Mediterranean for months. Apart from the well-known hotspots of conflicts between Israel and Palestine, Israel and Lebanon, Syria and Turkey or Syria and Israel, in recent months we have been reading about tensions between Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Libya and Egypt.

To this day, the disputes are political and only take place on the diplomatic stage. It is still difficult to imagine that this region could become an open source of conflict.

Anyone who reads the newspapers attentively will notice that the parties involved are acting more and more aggressively and that the drums of war are not yet sounding, but are already being set in place verbally.

On 30 December 2019, I published in my predictions about this region:

"Within the next years, this part of the Mediterranean Sea will become a hot conflict zone. For this year, the confrontations will be kept on a verbal level and be fought only on political grounds and not yet military."

Today in the News:

"Greek offer to send peacekeeping troops to Libya could spark ‘indirect’ conflict between Ankara and Athens"

It is only a matter of time before this so far controlled verbal conflict turns to an open war.

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