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Updating Geopolitical events on the horizon in 2020, (illegal) immigrants to Europe


"Immigrants once more will become more of an issue, but no as much as in 2015."


Greece stands firm on migrants, as Turkey opens floodgates to Europe (CNN)

As sad and tragic as the illegal wave of immigration to Europe may be, there comes a time when it becomes untenable and tragic for Europe too!

The first wave of illegal immigrants to Europe in 2015 was irresponsible from the point of view of many Europeans and changed the feeling and perception of social security in an extreme way.

That this would not be the last of such waves, I have already published several times. What is worrying is that the current rush is not the second wave I have seen.

Europe is going through difficult times! There is a threat of an onslaught of illegal immigrants overland, while the coronavirus seems to pose an even more sinister threat.

In the long term, I see the onslaught of illegal immigrants over the eastern borders and the Mediterranean Sea as a much greater danger for Europe than the coronavirus.

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