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New and unique Resource Activation Oracle Cards!

I am very happy to announce our new oracle cards. This is the first time, I publish such cards in English.

We published them in cooperation with “Amatrius – the science of sent institute from Ibiza.

Our resource activation cards were compiled for you with great care. Tailored to the most vital needs and directions in life, each card serves as an inspiration for all kinds of questions concerning a wide range of life issues. The cards are working similarly to an oracle. The more specific the question, the clearer the answer. Of course, the cards can also simply be drawn to offer suggestions for daily life. In addition, the cards are the perfect companions for learning and developmental processes.It was important to keep the cards as simple and understandable as possible. They are meant to be used without much previous knowledge of how to read cards. The cards are designed as a compass to guide you and we have made an effort to ensure that each card expresses a unique message. You may draw the cards either individually or several at once.

Allow yourself to be introduced to the magical world of our resource activation Cards and benefit from their support! The impact scents may be used as a positive reminder.

To help you, using the cards in a much more effective way, we produced a tutorial video. In the video, you can learn how to mix the cards, how to open them and most important, how to interpret them.

This very unique cards can be ordered directly via the Amatrius Website Shop!

What is special about Amatrius Resource Activation Cards

“The cards are oracle cards, like tarot cards, but specifically designed to strengthen and activate your own resources.”

- Nora Rosenblat; MD and Founder, Amatrius

World-renowned Psychic Martin Zoller contributed expertise and spiritual aspects. Amatrius Founder Nora Rosenblat and Martin Zoller chose and developed each card’s topic in an extensive process.

Famous Fine Art Photographer Romy Querol enriched Amatrius Resource Activation Cards with her unique artwork.

To support the spiritual home of Amatrius Expert and Buddhist monk Choeze, Amatrius and Martin Zoller will donate a part of the Card’s revenues to his monastery in Bhutan.


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