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Dear Martin,

I would like to thank you again very much for the great session yesterday.

As the owner of a medium-sized consulting firm for companies, I know how important strategic decisions are.

The basis for this must, of course, be well-founded figures, data and facts. In addition to a great entrepreneurial intuition, one's own intuition is one of the most important foundations for me.

And this is exactly where your unbelievably professional, accurate and important work comes into play. Your "readings" not only secure your own decisions, but also point out possible developments that you did not have in mind. This also includes dangers, which can then - with this knowledge - be met in an appropriate manner.

I have been working with you for many years and can therefore confirm on a well-founded basis how accurate and valuable your readings are professionally and privately ..... Once again a proof that one should not only know the price of a service, but much more the value of a service ...

There are many such offers, but only very few who do Remote Viewing as professionally as you do. No wonder that you are booked by so many high-ranking representatives from business and politics.

Thank you for your support.

A. P.



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