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Reference letter: Intuition and Art

About Martin Zoller

I have been following Martin Zoller's analyses for many years. Again, and again I was amazed and fascinated by the occurrence of predicted events. For the past two years, I have allowed myself the privilege of his personal consultations and aura readings. This has changed my life.

As an artist and musician, "letting oneself be inspired" and the willingness to explore new things are the foundation for one's own creative work. That's why my sensitive antennas are mostly tuned to receive. I often find this receptivity an irritating stumbling block because I get bogged down in too many projects.

The consultations with Martin support me significantly in both organizing my ideas and recognizing which vision can be put into action powerfully and successfully. The conversations also give me important impulses with regard to letting go of situations that inhibit me.

His inspiring seminars, books, mediations have significantly strengthened my intuition and access to my inner voice. All these diverse components of his work have helped me to recognize how I can synchronize my creative ideas with my applied life task.

For me, Martin Zoller has become an important life companion on my path to clarity, insight and energetic change. His respect, his down-to-earthness and his humor make him a very special person.


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