Martin Zoller

Martin Zoller from Switzerland is an internationally acclaimed seer, intuitive futurist, psychic and remote viewer. He rose to fame in 1999, when he used his intuitive skills to find a missing airplane and its survivors in the jungle of Bolivia, after mainstream rescue efforts failed.

He predicted the new US President already in 2014! 

Back in June 2014, Martin Zoller made a psychic prediction about the next President on his Facebook. Early 2016 he published online that Donald Trump would indeed become the next President of the United States. 


Among many others, he has also resolved other mysteries including: being able to locate a missing girl during an appearance on German television, and more recently, his accurate predictions on the death of Muammar al Gaddafi, the 2014 war between Israel and Palestine and the death of the king of Thailand. 

Martin also predicted the 2017 Saudi purge within the royal palace and Trump's decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem

Zoller already announced the current financial crash in 2018. The really big stock market crash is yet to come!

Teaser Martin Zoller

"Seers describe the future much earlier than political analysts. We don’t need numbers, geopolitical knowledge or extensive traveling to get insights of upcoming events. For us, finding a quiet place to meditate is enough. We hope the fruits of our visions help humanity get a better understanding of their future and how certain events are going to unfold."

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