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A Kidnapped Woman and Mother of Three


I was very happy when I could tell the family that I see her alive. After knowing that she is alive the family had 3 main questions. (Following the questions are my answers): 1. HER PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE (and her immediate future)? I see in a strong and stable condition. I can see that her situation very very soon will be changing for good. The family will receive soon good news about her conditions. 2.INTENTIONS OF THE KIDNAPPERS REGARDING THE KIDNAPPING? I see that she will be change very soon to a new place. Maybe she will be changed to an other place or her release will happen very soon. The kidnappers make a very immature and not so experienced impression. There is a kind of disagreement among them. 3.CAN YOU PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THE WHEREABOUT? I see the same location as already mentioned. Very near the house I see a big road or street with lots of traffic. I feel her in the Southwest area of the city. Very near from the place where she is hold I can feel a factory, probably a cement factory. Then there is a big shop where they sell plants or/and trees. There is also a kindergarten or school for young kids very close to the house where she is.


Dear Martin Zoller: Happy new year to you too! We couldn't be better with my sister's liberation after her kidnapping. I was impressed by all of your comments which, by the way, were accurate. The power of the mind is incredible. I always said that I respected the forecast, especially yours. Everything was so similar - the kids, the factory or company business, the south side of the city, your sense and vision on December 29 that you saw her free in 2 days. It was truly incredible. She was with us on December 31 at 5 a.m. How accurate what you did! We had just fallen asleep at my dad's house. It was almost 4:30 a.m. when we received a call from her letting us know that she was at a medical lab where she had gone to ask for help. We went to the south side of the city immediately. She was in complete shock, very anxious, frustrated, depressed and everything else that you would expect. Thank you for your initiative. Thank you for helping us maintain our minds positive. Thank you.‚ Sincerely, C. S.

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