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Open Conflict is to be Expected in the Middle East


Email with press release to journalists from January 6 about upcoming conflicts in the Middle East. Good morning Daniele I hope you started this year in a good way! I always observe the situation in Lebanon. For now the verdict is going the direction I foresaw and that there wont be a new conflict or civil war. Not long ago I had a new vision: For spring / early summer I can see a new conflict or war in the Middle East. I'm not talking about an already existing conflict (like Iraq), but a new one. Would you interested to publish this vision? If so, I can analyze more details of the conflict. Best regards Martin


First analysis, February 5, 2011. End of January uprisings in Egypt and Yemen started. Syria, Jordan and even Gaza had thousands of people in the streets. The Government in Egypt collapsed, many people death and hundreds are injured. In Jordan the King dismissed his Government. To this date the situation in the Middle East is very unstable, more chaos is to expect!

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