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Swiss Hostage in Libya


For months two Swiss citizen were hold hostages by General Gaddafi in Libya. When I was interviewed one of them was already released and the second one, Max Göldi, was still being held prisoner. I told the host that I could see Göldi coming free soon and that he would be in good condition. I also said that I can see no real political damage and most of all, I did not see any Terror attacks by Jihad fighters. Because the political conflict between Switzerland and Libya, General Gaddafi called Jihad against Switzerland.


June 10, two weeks before the official date of release Göldi was a free man! Nobody was expecting him to come out before the given date. Some feared the worst, thinking that Libya would keep him even longer to add pressure on the Swiss Government. June 11, the international press quoted Göldis lawyer, saying that he was in good condition! The political front between the two countries calmed down, also this prediction came true..

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