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The Future of Greece


The 6th of May elections: PASOK will first appear to be in a good position but then in a second step falling. NEA DIMOKRATIA will be able to take more advantage out of the elections. The elections on May 6 will not help to bring together a real supportive government. Both big parties will be involved in the power after the elections but NEA DIMOKRATIA will be in a stronger position. After the elections: 2012 will stay a very difficult year for Greece; the situation will not get better. The economical situation in 2012 and 2013 will not get much better. Only in 2013 some economical stability will come up. The relationship with the EU will be very hard and not easy for the country. 2013 a major dispute with the EU will almost break the relationship but at the end Greece will be able to stay in the EU. Greece will be forced to do sacrifice much more. Meanwhile in 2013 the economy will be more stable, for the people it wont change much. 2013 will be a very aggressive year between the country and the EU. At the end Greece will have to give up its resistance against the EU. There wont be a state bankruptcy between 2012 and 2016. Greece will stay with the EU between 2012 and 2016. Link to publication click here


June 20, 2012 In the first elections of May 6 no government was formed. Still, NEA DIMOKRATIA was able to take more advantage as being the winner of the elections. In the second round of elections on June 17, NEA DIMOKRATIA won again. On June 20, the new government was build. NEA DIMOKRATIA and PASOK together with a third party formed the government. Now, both big parties are involved in the power with NEA DIMOKRATIA in the stronger position. Exactly the way I saw it coming April 30. Link to news

February 19, 2015

After weeks of political struggling, Greece asks EU for loan extension, the contry won't leave the EU and won't declare bankruptcy

July 13, 2015

EU and Greece came to an agreement to avoid GREXIT.

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