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The Location of Muammar Gaddafi


Gaddafis whereabouts I dont see Coronel Gaddafi inside the city of Tripoli anymore. I can see him still inside the country but in a rural area. The region he is hiding is familiar to him and has to do with his tribal roots. The landscape looks very rocky, hills but close to the sea. People on horses are protecting him. The group around him looks organized and heavily armed. The location where I see him must be some kind of palace or building, serving as a legal entity, or court institution. Link to publication on Martin Zollers facebook site click >>>


Updating, August 28

NATO and Rebel forces are moving towards Sirte, Gaddafis hometown. The international press informs that Gaddafi is most probably somewhere around Sirte.

Updating, October 21

Muammar Gadaffi got killed in his hometown Sirte. His tribal roots are from there. The city is at the seashore.

Updating, October 26

Meanwhile the world was wondering where Ex-President Muammar al Gaddafi was hiding, Psychic Profiler Martin Zoller published on August 23 on his website and facebook group a very clear description of where to look for him.

For many he still was in Tripoli. Others expected him to be somewhere in the country or even abroad.

October 26, the press published an interview with Mansur Dao >> link.

Mansur Dao was a very close friend of the Ex-President.

He confirmed what Martin Zoller saw very clear in his visions. Gaddafi left on August 18 or 19 to his hometown Sirte and did stay there until the day he was killed.

Besides this very clear descriptions about Gaddafi‚ whereabouts Profiler Martin Zoller saw in his visions and later published in the Lebanese magazine FEMME MAGAZINE.

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