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Religions, Wheelchairs for Mind and Soul!

I can only agree Karl Marks quote that religions are opium for the common people and would like to go a step further:

"Religions are a wheelchairs for mind and soul"

A healthy, independent and powerful mind does not need any religion. What for?

A holy self-awareness, a clear mind and a good understanding of life and the divine does not need any religion!

Undoubtedly, given religions are helpful for children and young people who need to learn the basic values of human values. But an adult with clear minds would have to grow above the narrow limits of religions and be self-sufficient enough to recognize that the structures of the religious institution are nothing but obstructive and obstructive for a self-conscious being.

The basic knowledge of religion helps when it comes to learning the basic steps of life. But why, in "God's name," should a healthy person need help in walking at an advanced age? Unless he or she has a physical disability, which makes tools necessary. In this case, an aid, a wheelchair for example, is of help.

A cumbersome and immaterial mind requires religion as a wheelchair for its passage through space and time.

If I read in newspapers how impertinently naive and brutal countless women, children and men are imprisoned, tortured, massacred and expelled by brutal blindfolded men in the name of a monotheistic God, I feel sick. I am seriously wondering if we are really developing in a healthy way.

These thoughts make me really angry!

How is it possible that we can be influenced by ancient, yellowed and dusty texts just as much as thousands of years ago, interpreting them as truth?

How is it that, on the one hand, we dismiss mythology of the ancient Greeks or Celts as legends, and, on the other hand, burning shrubs, seas, dividing, or dead, rising from graves, as cultural truth and reason for reckless colonization and crusades abuse?

Confused in their faith are Priests, Rabbis and Imams who want us to believe that their writings and not the original power of the Universe, the soul of nature are the way to God!

Why do the representatives of institutionalized Sects (Religions) so vehemently oppose the real free development of our Soul? Is it because the independent and free mind declares the institution nule? Are they afraid that control over their people will disappear?

Do religious wars intensify because the Universe wants those to get killed who believe in a false God (Religions) so we get free of them?

If we study history of the last 3000 years, we inevitably find that religions are almost without exception an enemy of peace and harmony!

Whether Christianity, Judaism or Islam, each of these three monotheistic religions has more blood on their hands, than the war crimes of the National Socialists in Germany or the United State of America!

I believe in wonder:

Each Soul, with its will and self-confidence has the power to go beyond any mental wheelchair!

It does not need more than courage to stand up to say YES to yourself!!!

Martin Zoller

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