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Channeling Adolf Hitler - What if we learned history the wrong way?

Relaxing in my hammock and googling online news, I found articles about a new TV Hunting Hitler screening on The History Channel, Bob Baer (former CIA agent) claims the Nazi dictator faked his death and fled to South America - by submarine.

What seems to be completely impossible when reading it, gets some kind of logic when learning the indicators or possible proves which point in that direction.

Even before the TV program and released FBI documents, this information was not new to me! In the late 90s I had by surprise a channeling with Adolf Hitler where he shared exact this same information with us!

2014 I felt for the first time ready to write an article about this highly sensitive subject. It's interesting to see how insights to the same story, coming from completely different angles, point in the same direction and might show our history from a very new perspective...

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