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A letter to Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad

July 14, 2018

Dear Mr. President

I hope my letter finds you in the best of conditions.

I have spent years analyzing and making psychic predictions of politicians across the globe. I am reaching out to you as you have been the most prominent on my radar.

It is not for personal reasons. What has happened is that many people from your country and also others have contacted me more than any other to ask about your countries future.

Since the Arab Spring, I was asked to do prophecies for many of the North African and Middle Eastern leaders and politicians. Your aura was quite different compared to the other leaders from the very beginning of my analysis. I saw that your destiny is different than the others - for example of Gaddafi (whom I warned publicly about his death already in February 2011, he got killed in October of that same year) and of Mubarak´s.

You can read in my predictions; your position was always very firm and stable.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world had a different idea about your fate, many analysts and strategists did not give you a lot of chance to stay in power. For me it was always clear that your fate would be different.

Many men fought, died, were tortured and were displaced to take you out of power. All of this was in vain because you were not meant to follow the destiny of the other leaders such as the ones I mentioned above. From a humanistic point of view, their sacrifice was a tragedy. But from a higher visionary point of view their sacrifice was useless, because you were not meant to lose power.

As the old Greeks in their epic war of Troy would have said to someone like you: “The Gods like and protect you!”

Your protection is still strong, similar to the strength of one of those Greek kings and princes who survived the bloody conflict of Troy.

Since 2012, every year I have made a psychic forecast for magazines a psychic forecast about your future and of your country:

I have been questioned about your destiny numerous times over the years. It has been by journalists, businessmen, investors and simple citizens who have been worried about the future of their country. Most of them have been relaxed and happy about my visions for your future.

In 2017, didn't do any analysis of your country. Because the conflict is now entering a new and important phase, I thought it deserved a new psychic study. This study is not for a journalist to publish in a newspaper or magazine, but I thought to share it in an open letter to you.

For 2018 and 2019, I can see your stability remains firm and strong. Although in the past the aura of your country from a geopolitical point of view was very disturbed, this year and next year has more stability. In 2019, a new chapter will be starting: The visions are less about survival and more about planning for the future of your country.

From a seer’s point of view, doing prophecies is not only about the actual situation I am visualizing, but also about capturing many other aspects that are relevant to the situation. My visions for your political situation are increasing and are going in sable stronger direction.

My visions do not predict peace soon, but what I do see in your country's aura is that your nation will have moments to refocus and you will be able to keep in power at least this and next year.

The calmness be for the benefit of all those who suffered so much those last seven years.

All of you would deserve peace and harmony so much!


Martin Zoller

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