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Royal future for France

December 4, 2018

In recent days, France once more is in the news all around the world. Not like in summer, because the football world championship, but lately for its political unrest and violent social conflicts.

On November 29, 2017 I published the following prophecy for France:

At the end of my prophecies for France it says:

"Avec la Révolution française au 18ème siècle, la France a inauguré une nouvelle ère de systèmes politiques.

La France attend une "nouvelle Révolution française" dans laquelle le pays se réinvente complètement, réécrit sa constitution et redeviendra un pionnier du développement politique!"


“With the French Revolution in the 18th century, France initiated a new era of political system, the democracy.

Now, France is waiting for a "new French Revolution" in which the country again reinvents itself completely, rewrites its constitution and will once again become a pioneer of political development!”

What I saw at that time and what this means in other words is, France will wash away its democratic system and move on to some kind of Monarchic system. This either could be a one-party system or directly returning to what it had before, a monarchy! My feeling is that France will move on to some kind of modern monarchy, giving up its democratic system as we know it today.

Not only will this happen in France, but as it says at the end of my visions, like in the past with the “First French Revolution”, once more France will initiate a new are of political course for Europe.

It’s difficult to give a time-window, but according to my prophecies, this most probably will happen within the next 20 to 30 years.

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