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Crowd-sourcing for our new book!

Dear Friends,

A belated Happy New Year! May 2019 bring you even closer to your dreams.

Last October in Zürich/Switzerland, we, Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel and Martin Zoller co-led a workshop called

Strategic Intuition

The workshop focused on the integration of intuition in business strategy and of course in life. Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel, Visiting Professor of leadership at HSG (University of St. Gallen), spoke about how you can use intuition successfully in business and life strategies and decision-making. Martin Zoller, Seer and Remote Viewer, lectured about the origins of intuition for your vocation and how intuition can serve as a very important tool to be successful at work.

Many participants gave us enthusiastic feedback about the workshop and expressed strong interest in learning more about strategic intuition. Several participants asked us to publish a book about the topic.

Since each of us have published several books: Thomas D. Zweifel

We naturally liked the idea. The chance to co-author a book was born!

Now we are working on the content of a “Strategic intuition” book. The book will show how intuition can be implemented in business or leadership in general. We also will cover how to get in touch with your own authentic vocation and how to attract holistic success by living your vocation.

We would like to crowd-source the book and give you, dear reader, the chance to send us questions or thoughts you may have about this subject and want us to cover in the book. What did you always want to know about Strategic Intuition but never had the chance to ask?

(For example, one workshop participant asked us, “How can I tell the difference between listening to my stomach, which sometimes tells me past-based fears, and true intuition, which comes from the future?”)

Please email your questions to by Mai 1st 2019.

We hope to finish the book by early next year.

We wish you much inspiration in thinking about your email to us and look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Thomas D. Zweifel and Martin Zoller

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