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Prophecy for the United Kingdom - It's disintegration, earlier than expected?

When I published my forecasts for Europe and Israel on December 11, 2016, I gave a time window of 40 to 50 years for their manifestation.

To be honest, sometimes I am surprised at how quickly my predictions come true. One of them, which focused on the United Kingdom, seemed 2016 far away from manifest.

The last four years, I have regularly followed the news of Brexit, and by that, Britain's internal conflict with Scotland and Ireland. Current developments give me the feeling that my prediction could manifest itself much earlier. Perhaps even within the next 15 years.

My forecast for the United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom (UK) disintegrates.”

If we're lucky, that disintegration won't be too severe. At the moment, it looks as if that process is going to go smoothly.

Scotland is pushing very hard for its independence from Britain. From what I have published, this process will not be as fast as some of its politicians are trying to push it.

For Scotland, I have published December 30, 2019:

The SNP's efforts to push independence through its agenda will not succeed (at least not in 2020). Support for their goal will come from the legal side, much more than from elections or parliamentary activities. In economic terms, this year will go well for the country. This is not because exports are getting better, but because austerity measures will cut spending’s.”

For many, these forecasts may not be particularly good news. Disintegration sounds like problems and internal, violent conflicts.

Since 2016, I've been publishing over and over again that I see Brexit happening and that at the end of the day it will be of great benefit for the UK, or at least to those parts of it that are leaving Europe.

In my eyes, them leaving Europe is politically a very wise and intuitive move.

We could compare it to passengers on the Titanic leaving the sinking ship before everyone runs in panic to the lifeboats. In 1912, there were not enough lifeboats on the Titanic and I have serious doubts, there are enough of them on the modern version of the Titanic, this time called Europe.

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