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Coronavirus, a prediction

The virus is definitely not natural, but man-made. A good way to protect yourself is to strengthen your blood. I see strong blood as very efficient protection. The element "earth" is what I see before me. I would equate this with minerals and iron substances. The virus seems to be able to survive longer in the body than estimated at the moment, so that once in the body it can continue to exist as a "sleeper".

With the current virus, there will be an all-clear in the not very far future. But I see another similar "virus" on the horizon which will be much stronger than the current one. This one will have much bigger consequences than the current one.

Although in the short term the virus will also spread in Europe, I don't see it leading to a pandemic. I do not see any reasons for panic-mongering.

April 15, 2020

Today I must recognise that I interpreted and used the above-mentioned term "pandemic" hastily and incorrectly.

I understood the term to mean the excessive number of deaths and not the spread of the disease across different countries. My mistake was not to have researched the term more closely before using it. Had I done so, I would not have used the term.

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