USA - CHINA / Donald Trump and Mike Pence / Austria

With the many rapid global developments, it is currently difficult to make forecasts for individual regions. In addition, I felt the last weeks that I have to give myself time and distance to the global events.

Nevertheless, a few days ago, some new forecasts of economic and political developments appeared.

As early as 2018 I announced an economic crash that would be much bigger than the one in 2008/09. March of this year I wanted to know whether the current crash was the one I had announced and if we have it behind us. Unfortunately, it became clear very quickly that the main economic crash is yet to come. This summer will be like the eye of a hurricane. Anyone who has experienced such a hurricane knows what I am referring to. When a hurricane passes by, first one wave hits you, then you find yourself in the almost dead silent eye after heavy turbulences, before the second wave passes by. This second one I see hitting in autumn at the latest.

The decisive factor is another strong conflict between the USA and China. At the moment we are after the storm and at the same time before the storm. Time to relax will be very short, if at all.

Emotionally and psychologically, the second wave of economic difficulties will be more intense than those of recent months.

US Vice President Mike Pence will emerge from the background and step strongly into the foreground. His almost ghostly presence will be swept away by a strong and powerful appearance and he will be perceived as a strong man.

The leadership rings in the White House will threaten to break. The danger for Trump comes from within. Not by impeaching him, but rather by "exploding his head". This could be a physical illness or a sign that he is totally losing control, and destructive forces around him will cause him to "lose his head".

Politically, I see Austrians Federal Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz being weakened. He is still sitting safe and firm on his throne. In the coming months, he will come under extreme pressure. If he doesn't watch out, his throne will soon be eaten up by worms and termites, he will lose his balance and crash. Worst case, he will become one of the Corona victims. Not because of being infected, but as a result of the after match.


Mike Pence

Shortly after Christmas, Mike Pence became very popular. Trump supporters and lawyers asked him to overturn the election result. After the Capitol was stormed on January 6, he had to take a strong position. He suddenly became a very important figure in the post election chaos.

Donald Trump

When Trump supporters stormed the Capitol and people got killed, many of his political supporters and even some of his inner circle abandoned him. Several of his staff resigned. He lost control over his power, suddenly found himself very alone. The destructive forces might have been people around him who by purpose created chaos and/or violent Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol.

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