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Psychic forecast eastern Mediterranean

Updating visions for geopolitics in 2020:


"Eastern Mediterranean (Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Israel)Within the next years, this part of the Mediterranean Sea will become a hot conflict zone. For this year, the confrontations will be kept on a verbal level and be fought only on political grounds and not yet military."


Most Dangerous Waters in the World Are in the Mediterranean

NATO is caught in a combustible mix of oil, Libyan arms and longstanding grievances between Greece and Turkey.

The images I have seen for this conflict are about as bad as we know them from Syria. Besides this hot spot, we must have a very close look towards Libya. Several times I have published a second illegal immigration wave and Libya will play a mayor roll in that.

The drums of war are still beating far from Central Europe. Nevertheless, we must not deceive ourselves. It is only a matter of time until we will hear their threatening sounds louder and louder.

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