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Predictions for Trump and the upcoming election in the USA

September 10, 2020

For most, the last US presidential elections have been a major surprise!

Not for those of you who have been following my predictions for some time.

Already in the summer of 2014 I have done a psychic personality analysis of the upcoming president and as it turned out later, it was a match.

When the Republicans and Democrats elected their candidates in summer 2016, it was clear to me who will become the next president. Hillary Clinton really never had a chance to be elected president. In several interviews, I announced Trump as the winner weeks before the elections.

Fate wanted Trump as the future president of the USA.

There are future events set in stone and others that can still be influenced. The US election in 2016 was a situation that could not be changed!

After the election, I published in January 2017 a first letter to Donald Trump. I wrote him, how I see his presidency for the coming four years. Probably the most important vision in this letter was my prediction that I see his demise around the end of his term in office (the date of the end of the term of office should not be confused with the election date. The election date is November 3, 2020, and the term of office expires January 20, 2021). Already for Gaddafi and the King of Thailand I was right with my visions about their demise.

In my letter I offered the president’s office my help and wrote them to get in touch with me if they are interested. With other words, in contrast to the 2016 election and its outcome, Trump’s future was still open to change. This is why I offered him my help.

Almost 4 years have passed since then and in the meantime, I have been contacted by people around his circle.

I analysed the temporal and spatial danger zone in which Trump was threatened by this fate. I could see that it would indeed happen around the election.

If you identify a time window and the circumstances in which something will happen, the next step is to influence it to avert the situation. For example, you can try to prevent the event from happening at all, or you influence the event in such a way that the danger can be avoided.

Simply put: Change and influence the unfolding event, so that you are out of the danger zone.

At this point we get to the present and my analysis for the upcoming election. July 6 and 18 I published two psychic forecasts with my predictions. My prediction of June 6 was very cryptic as it was only meant for a certain group of people. The analysis of July 18 was meant for the public.

I published that the upcoming elections will NOT be held as usual.

I also said that the structures currently in power in the administration will be able to keep their influence. It should be pointed out explicitly that I am talking about power structures and administration and did not mention Trump with a single word.

I see the aura of Biden fade. Contrary to the wrong interpretation of many of my readers this does not indicate at all that he will die. I see his aura getting weak as a candidate. This refers only to that and not to Biden as a human being.

For me as a visionary, these elections are extremely exciting, much more so than the past ones! First, because the Sword of Damocles still hovers over Trump's head. Second, because with the right actions, the situation and Trumps fate can be changed. This is a classic example of how, with the right knowledge and the resulting actions, you can change a situation.

In my books and countless interviews, I mentioned over and over how this works in detail.

Whoever follows the current situations in the USA knows what is going on there. Trump's striking statements in the direction of wanting to postpone the elections or not recognising them appear over and over in the press. Even the US military had to take a stand on this situation. In addition, Covid 19 is raging plus militias and chaos make the USA unstable. As mentioned above, if you have insights about an upcoming event, you might be able to change it, with the right action.

The ongoing events leave room for many more actions that are not in the script of normal elections. This brings us to another point of my statements of the upcoming elections. I published, that the current administration will succeed in influencing the situation in such a way that the election process will be different than usual.

The USA is facing profound changes that are very difficult for the normal observer to imagine and/or understand. At the end, its all about geopolitics! Later on I will write a new article about it.

Finally, another psychic observation. What is happening in the USA right now is the course of not just one script around the election, but two scripts. They are very contrary to each other in their course and outcome. Psychically, this is highly interesting! Not only by observing what is happening in front of the curtain, but mainly the developments behind the scenes.

What is happening right now in the USA is mostly serving the current administration. The romans already knew and understood the power of the following words:

Divide et impera!

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