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The difficulty of interpreting a prophecy

Prophecies are not always as easy to understand as many believe. It would be too nice if I could receive them, write them down and the future would be clear.

I distinguish between three main groups of visions:

1. pictures which clearly show what is about to happen. The interpretation is obvious and without any doubt. Besides the visual clarity, I intuitively feel that the interpretation is correct.

2. I receive a vision which cannot be simply interpreted. Meditating with the pictures I believe to recognize what it is about. I write down my impressions and observe how the prediction manifests itself in the coming future. Later, when the event is happening I analyze how it’s manifesting. This way I see how close I was with my interpretation.

Actually, it would be better to write down the visions as they are received, without interpreting them at all. This way misinterpretations can be avoided.

3. visions, I am receiving can’t be interpretation at all. The images are too abstract or cryptic. In this case, I just write what I see and wait curiously to see how things develop.

As I mentioned over and over in my books and lectures, I dare to say that predictions a seer receives are never wrong. The difficulties are the interpretations of the seer and this is where mistakes happen.

I would like to share with you an example of the second point from above. End of December 2019, I made my annual predictions for Europe 2020.

Among other forecasts I published:


The country will be able to make a huge step forward in cyber intelligence. They will be able to make a move to conquer almost all of Europe and Central Asia.

In the future, 2020/21 will be seen as the year where China gained mayor control in cyberspace. Almost like the Spanish when they conquered South America and put their flags in the beaches of the Caribbean and the Andes of South America.

How did I come to these statements? To get prophecies, I have my very specific techniques I am working with. I used them and opened myself for visions. In one of the many different visions, I saw a huge net coming from China, which covered Europe and absorbed it. I felt how this net subjugates and "conquers" Europe.

The images I saw did not feel good at all…

The picture was clear, the interpretation not really. At the end of 2019, one of the main topics in the world press was the 5G internet networking (using Chinese technology) and the "danger" that the Chinese with their HUAWEI mobile phones could infiltrate us technologically and by that control us through their intelligence agencies.

Interpreting the vision above, l was influenced by the news about China, 5G and HUAWEI. I assumed that the huge net I saw was the Chinese cyber technology.

Spring 2020, I started to question my interpretation. Corona virus did spread all over Europe (and the world) like a huge net. During the last weeks, it became more and more clear to me that I had misinterpreted the vision I received by the end of 2019. What was shown to me, I am almost certain today, was the Corona virus coming from China and not the Chinese cyber technology.

Visionaries are humans like everybody else. We sometimes let ourselves be carried away by our feelings or expectations. Only later realize that we made mistakes in the interpretation of our visions.

Looking backwards, I try to learn from those mistakes.

We live in turbulent and wild times. I have no doubt that in the coming months more than enough prophecies will come up to sharpen my psychic visions.

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