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About spiritual anatomy and holistic medicine

Martin Zoller has been able to profile and resolve kidnappings and solve acts of crime and is often called upon by media and law enforcement to help solve cases. His visions and predictions have been published worldwide, and he’s regularly featured on television and radio programs to answer questions about daily issues and large-scale political events.

Also known for his ability to read auras, Martin Zoller can scan people in order to see their personality, while helping uncover their potential and future, in the process. His international client base seeks answers to business, strategic guidance, relationship and personal issues.

Listen to how @zoller_martin reads the auras of our Hosts, Irina & Dr Nas. Episode 34 will give you goosebumps, listen to it on Wellevate Life PODCAST.In this episode we discussMartin's different hats of expertisePower of Intuition Martin’s childhood superpower and his journeyMartin reads colors behind Irina and Dr. NasHow does Martin holds on to the negatives he sees while reading a personWhat is Spiritual anatomy and how is it different than physical anatomy Martin’s approach on working with his clients Martin’s take on the benefits of using natural Psychedelic medicines like AyahuaskaWhat is Shamanism What is Psychic, seer and Remote viewingWhat led Martin to pursue this direction?What is Nueropsycho immunology? Is it similar to meditation? How can the heart and mind limit our intuition? Martin’s take on stigmas associated with different colors and how does it affect us?


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