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New book about the power of intuition in strategic acting!

Do you wish you could glimpse how today’s choices will affect your future—and take decisive, meaningful and smart action that ensure success?

It’s a rhetorical question—who would not want to see into the future. But what if there really was an innovative way to optimize decisions, born from the marriage of two fields, just as Farraday centuries ago combined physics and chemistry to come up with something entirely new: electricity?

Strategy and intuition are two skillsets vastly different at first glance. In their unique collaboration on Strategic Intuition, Martin Zoller and Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel go beyond the borders of their fields to harness an unprecedented synergy. Strategy and intuition complement each other, improve leadership decisions and lead to holistic success.

When a plane crashed over Bolivia’s jungle and its passengers went missing, Martin Zoller helped the government find them. The author of Beyond Space and Time and 8 other books consults leaders around the world on leveraging their intuition for better lives and better companies. Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel is a board member and coach whose Fortune 500 clients have produced $9+ billion growth through better strategies. He teaches leadership at Columbia University and St. Gallen University, and is the award-winning author of 8 books, including Strategy-In-Action and The Rabbi and the CEO.

In Strategic Intuition, Zoller and Zweifel journey together into the depths of the human soul and translate it into the logical language of the mind. The result: a cutting-edge toolkit for better strategies, better leaders, better lives.

The book will be available 2021 on and in major bookstores.


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