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Regime change in Iran? War in Ukraine and Germanys future

October 14, 2022

This Video was published in German on October 8, 2022


The unrest in Iran is not leading to any real political change. The main problem is the lack of a leading figure. As long as there is no idol, unrest is unsuccessful.

For the government opponents, this means creating someone to serve as a guiding figure, and for the government, it means eliminating just such figures before they gain popularity.

The government in Tehran is firmly on the throne.

The revolution is sacrificing its own children because it lacks leadership and purpose.


Europe today, in terms of conflict, is at the point Ukraine was in the spring of 2021: on the verge of a major conflict.

I also see an "invisible dangerous wave" coming to Europe. It does not feel like a nuclear bomb, but could be another form of radioactive or chemical "wave or cloud."

The war in Ukraine continues, the southern front remains violent longer and increases.

Conflict spreads from the east to the interior.

Fighting around Kiev increases. Artillery attacks on Kiev.

At one point, President Zelensky will have to leave Kiev.

Water pollution becomes a major problem.

The boxer brothers (Klitschko) will get negative press. They will be accused of something.

Moldova will be dragged into the war.

Another sign of a great danger for Europe: as soon as there is violence in the Balkans, the immediate danger for all of Europe is very close.


Putin's throne remains stable.

The Chinese are meddling more, but outside Ukraine. Silent war, fighting underground so it won't be noticed.

China-Russia alliance remains strong. Russia fights in the spotlight, China in the background, but both continue the war.

What Chechnya is to Russia, Russia is to China.


Country goes the way of Italy = Political development unsettling the rest of Europe. Radical change unsettles internally and internationally.

The health care system will no longer be able to fulfill its tasks; the sick, the elderly, the weak and the poor will be pushed to the margins of society.

The economy will have the ground pulled out from under its feet.

The EU administration in Brussels will experience internal unrest. Unity and stability will be thrown into disarray before it stabilizes again.

Austria and Switzerland would have to break away from German domination to remain more stable.


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