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What is spiritual anatomy?

Cleansing Your Aura with Copal; Copal is something sacred. It invokes rest and peace among spiritual beings. It cleanses darkened auras. Like an opaque metal that needs to be polished. Copal is used for cleansing a person’s aura. It is the incense of the rainforest. Copal takes away negative and darkened stains on a person’s aura, it pulls this away from the person, bringing it up to the atmosphere and it returns it to the trees, who transmute the stickiness and allow for the renewal. Many shamans use this to cure patients.

Our guest Martin Zoller lives in Panama and has spent many years with Ethnobotanists, people who study the relationship between plants and people, who have long documented the extensive use of medicinal plants by indigenous shamans in places around the world, including the Amazon. Must listen episode on Wellevate Life.


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